Friday, November 16, 2007

Orange France & iPhone

I am so frustrated by the rumors about what Orange France is going to offer for the iPhone in terms of data plans! They apparently want to release a 100 Mb plan for most of their iPhone plans and only a 1 Go DATA plan for the most expensive of their offer!

If this offer sees the light of day, I will have no other option but to believe that the people working in Marketing at Orange have no clue about what they're selling! Maybe they should try using a cell phone with a DATA plan in the first place before thinking about selling ridiculous offers!
Haven't they realized that people crave for unlimited plans? That's how the Internet revolution started in the first place! Just look back 10 years in the past! The answer is right there!

Friday, November 2, 2007


The rise of new technologies has lead to the advent of a new way of communicating.

Whenever someone sends me an email or leaves a message on my voicemail, I don't feel bound to answer them using the same means of communication they used to contact me. Answering a long voicemail can sometimes take a 10 second text message. Using Twitter to organize a dinner with friends can sometimes be much more convenient than email (that is when it comes to a dinner with tech-savvy friends of course).

Maybe new technologies have given us the opportunity to become lazy communicators in the sense that we now have a tendency to use the easiest way of communicating (not necessarily the most politically correct one) in a particular situation. However, the decrease in form has also given us the ability to interact a lot more and with many more people than before.

I can't even begin to think of what's going to come next in terms of communication as there are more and more options available... To name of few: Landline phone, cellular phone, email, text messaging, instant messaging (text, audio, video), Skype, VoIP, Web 2.0 social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Seesmic, Jaiku, Lindedin, MySpace, Orkut etc...).

Who could ever deny that what differentiates us from animals is language?