Friday, June 11, 2010

Freud, Einstein, The Universe, Quantum Teleportation & The Future of IT

It turns out that I've been very been much interested in Quantum Mechanics lately. This isn't a new hobby of mine as I remember, when I was in High School, having a hard time deciding which studies I wanted to pursue. The fascinating world of Quantum Mechanics as well as my long interest in Astrophysics seemed as important to me as the exhilarating psychoanalytic theories of Freud.

If I had to name the most significant scientific figures of the 20th century, I would without any hesitation mention Albert Einstein & Sigmund Freud. They have both uncovered new fields of science and had the audacity and courage to question the established knowledge.

I can't help thinking that there are still great discoveries to be made and that our knowledge of the fabric of space and time is still very limited, probably in the same way that our understanding of consciousness is. My recent post about microtubules & consciousness shows that the world of Quantum Physics and the world of Biology are about to collide and maybe lead to a better understanding of who and what we are.

As for Quantum Mechanics & geekier concerns, I recently stumbled accross this news:

Scientists were able to successfully teleport information between 2 entangled photons across a ten-mile distance! This is an absolute great achievement and when you think of it, it might pave the way for unlimited bandwidth over unlimited distances! Imagine an Internet not limited by bandwidth concerns!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Microtubules & Consicousness

Taking into consideration the possible role of microtubules in the consciousness process in humans relegates the advent of the singularity (i.e. consciousness of computer networks) to a much later date than anticipated since the amount of processed information is much bigger than ever thought !

Stuart Hameroff wrote a fascinating theory of consciousness involving quantum mechanics & microtubules in neurons.