Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dinner At White Room - Maison Blanche in Paris (France)

I recently went to White Room - Maison Blanche in Paris to have dinner.

I must say I was impressed with the place and the magnificent view of Paris it offers! The settings was definitely in accordance with my taste and the food excellent.

The only thing that they could improve is the olives they use for their dry Martinis!

After dinner on week-ends, the main restaurant is transformed into a night-club and I must say I had a blast there!

This place is a must-go if you're in Paris!

Au Crocodile Restaurant - Strasbourg (France)

My wife and I recently had the pleasure of having dinner at the 2-star Michelin Restaurant "Au Crocodile" in Strasbourg. This restaurant had formerly 3 stars but has had only 2 for a few years.

I called to book a table 2 days in advance for a friday evening and was happily suprised to learn that they still had an available table. I mentioned over the phone that we had a gift certificate for a dinner for 2 (drinks included).

When we got there, we were disappointed to see that our table was not in the main (& beautiful) room but rather in a more simple and small room.

There were mostly young people seating in this room with a menu on each table which cover stated the menu they had chosen. I thought it was not a very nice & discreet idea since we could read that the people sitting in the table next to ours were having the promotional menu for young people. Who needs to know what people sitting at a different table have ordered or what their budget is ?

Anyway, service was not really up to par with the place. At the end of dinner, as we were the only ones remaining on our side of the room, there was no one to wait on our table and we basically had to wait 5 minutes to order another bottle of water.

The staff was, however, very nice when available.

As for the food, I must say that I had heard many people complaining about this place in the past months. We, on the other hand, were absolutely amazed with what we ate and must say the food was excellent.

I would still say without a doubt that "L'Arnsbourg" (Baerenthal) restaurant is better than "Au Crocodile". But the latter is without a doubt the best restaurant in Strasbourg.

Note: For an updated review of this restaurant, click here.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Year On The Beach In Guaruja (SP), Brazil

That is how 2008 started for me!

Happy New Year to everyone and best wishes!

Atlantico Signature Restaurant At Casa Grande Hotel in Guaruja (SP), Brazil

My wife and I had a lovely dinner last week at the Atlantico Signature Restaurant in Guaruja.

I particularly liked my "Tournedo" with a "Ganache" of Foie Gras which was a nice variation of the classic Tournedo Rossini!
We also got to taste the Chandon sparkling wine produced in Brazil by Moet & Chandon. It, actually, is very good and close, in my opinion, to the Moet & Chandon Champagne produced in France.

I also had a Belvedere Martini at the Lobby bar of the hotel. I must say I was surprised to find this coveted Vodka in Guaruja!

The hotel staff was very nice and helpful.

Thumbs up to the Casa Grande Hotel!