Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We Are What We Code

The advent of social media certainly has changed the way we use computers and cell phones and I do believe that our lives also have been changed as a result. Some might argue that many of use have become addicted to the Internet and computers in general. My previous posts on this blog clearly show that I don't subscribe to this point of view.

We humans use tools and are social animals. That is what differentiates us from animals. The Internet & the social media revolutions simply have empowered us with new tools that we are starting to tame.

We, however, should not forget that tools have the power to free but also enslave us. Many corporate IT systems actually have led to enslaving and limiting workers and it has become all the more clear in recent years that many IT systems are so ill-conceived that they make customers and workers lose precious time when they should actually help them save time.

There is a growing need in IT efficiency that needs to be addressed and IT managers should be aware that not every system is efficient per se. They should always be confronted with the reality of everyday use and practical thinking.