Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oops! The Burger Gods Did It Again At 231 East St. In Strasbourg (France)

Distinguishing reality from our imagination may be a concern for some philosophers. In fact, I am yet to be proven wrong in my assumption that the entire universe and all beings and things in it are just a product of my imagination. In that same line of thinking, my recent (read: two decade old) but unconditional passion for burgers seems to have led to a spike in Burger Joint creations in my hometown.

As I was almost ready to embrace the fact that the world may not be a holographic projection after all, two great Burger Joints opened up in Strasbourg. Someone please explain me how could that be a coincidence?

The first Burger Joint to open was "Le Pied de Mammouth" and I must say my city really lacked such a place. Its opening seems to have been closely followed by the opening of a second, yet different Burger Joint named: "231 East Street" and located 3 Place Saint Etienne (Tel: +33388169613). The former establishment features huge and original burgers whereas the latter sports classic burgers in a perfect bun with juicy melted cheese. I can't say which one is the best but both places definitely deserve a visit!

The number obsessed in you (and is there any Burger lover who isn't it?) will ask how these burgers rate on the Shake Schackedness scale. So, let me answer this utmost important question: I would grant "Le Pied de Mammouth" a solid 6.65 out of 7 and "231 East St." a 6.66. And for those of you more familiar with the In-N-Out Burger Awesomeness scale, this would translate into 42 for the former and 42.42 for the latter.

As a special bonus to my faithful readers, here is the menu at 231 East St. (courtesy of @DrGGT):

Granted, it is short and reduced to its bare essentials but you have to admit: who wants to hesitate for hours between 20 different Burgers when they crave for melted cheddar, perfectly cooked patties, lettuce, tomato and mayo in a bun? In this day and increasingly complicated age, do we really need more options than these classic three: Hamburger, Cheeseburger and Bacon Cheeseburger? Although this menu features a salad which might scare some of you away (and frankly shocked me when I saw it), I think they did a great job at simplifying things.

Enjoy it!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Potentially Game Changing Idea For FON

What if FON were to implement in their ubiquitous hotspots a feature that would allow roaming users to have the same IP address than their home IP whenever they are abroad? Wouldn't that be revolutionary in the sense that it would free users from geo-restrictions when they are traveling?

Moreover, wouldn't it be wonderful if we lived in a world where FON would allow any user anywhere to choose the country from which they would like their IP address to be from?

In the an effort to free users from alienating geo-restrictions, FON could expand its already worldwide network and become synonymous for Internet Freedom.

How could they implement this? Well, rather simply I guess:

- FON hotspots could feature VPN servers that would allow their owner to remotely connect through a VPN connection when they're not home. This would enable them to use their home IP address when traveling abroad since all traffic would be tunneled through a VPN connection.
- In the same line of thinking, FON could allow users to "open" their VPN server on their personal FON hotspot to other FON users worldwide. Hence users located abroad could use this peer-to-peer VPN network to achieve what I call "peer-to-peer Geo Freedom".

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