Sunday, April 20, 2008

Restaurant R - Strasbourg (France)

This restraurant has been opened for more than 4 years but we hadn't eaten there for at least 2 years. We used to very much like it but did not feel we were treated right on our last visit there 2 years ago.

We, however, decided to give it another try yesterday evening!

This 2 floor restaurant used to seat guests dining there on the upper level but apparently they don't anymore as there are, now, dining tables on the ground level. We started our evening with a drink at the bar and I was disappointed with the bartender that, obviously, was clueless when I ordered a "Grey Goose Dry Martini without Vermouth, shaken, with olives". He started pouring Grey Goose Vodka in a shaker than proceeded to add Vermouth (I managed to stop him right before he was about to pour it in the shaker). He then asked me: "you don't want any Vermouth ?" I replied that was what I meant when I said "without Vermouth" when I ordered. I went on, talking to my wife, and realized too late he was pouring Gin in the shaker that already contained Grey Goose Vodka. I mentioned the fact that I did not want any Gin. He then, reluctantly, started over. He poured Grey Goose Vodka in a shaker, shook the mix, and poured everything in a regular (non-Martini) glass with the ice cubes. It took a lot of energy on my part to explain AGAIN what I was expecting. I, hopefully, managed to have my drink in the end!

As our last bad experience there 2 years ago involved dry Martinis, I can only come to the conclusion that nothing has changed! I, however, was not expecting them to have a proper trained bartended there so I decided to erase this unfortunate start from my memory!

So let's talk about dinner!

We ordered their 9-course Kaiseki dinner with a bottle of red wine that we really like (2004 "The Footbolt" Shiraz). The Maitre D' right away mentioned that he thought this wine would not go well with the food we had ordered. I insisted because my wife and I knew that wine and had no problem combining it to our order. We were, then, informed that they actually did not have any left! The Maitre D', however, brought us a bottle of Australian Shiraz that we liked.

Food was good. I would say that some dishes are not subtle enough but overall, we ate well.

The setting was beautiful. So we can say that we spent a nice evening.

We were disappointed to learn that they don't accept American Express cards though!

All in all, we might go back there but I doubt it will be very soon!


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Gee said...

Have to agree with you about Restaurant "R". The first year or so that is was open I used to go there quite often. There used to be a great barman (well, for Strasbourg anyway ;-)) who was the only person i could find who could make a REAL mean Martini (in the right glass...)

The place has been going downhill ever since. Staff are clueless. I once went there with a client, who ordered a martini and got a glass of that red, sweet gloop (