Friday, February 18, 2011

Reconstructing The Braschhhnyyyi Language

A long time ago, the now long forgotten Braschhhnyyyi language was the most common language on earth. It is, actually, thought that it was the first language spoken and that, through the Morphogenetic Field Of Consciousness, it was instantly shared and spoken by all human beings at the very second it came into existence.

Ten years ago, thanks to my own designed meditative technique that essentially consists in absorbing large quantities of melted cheese (in this case on a "Cordon Bleu"), I reached a state of bliss only augmented by the consumption of a few beers with the aforementioned cheese.  One could argue that the absorption of such high quantities of cheese full of the amino-acid tryptophan might have led to a supercharge of serotonin in my brain hence leading to the state described above and granting a pseudo-scientific explanation for what comes next.

What happened that day was that I instantly became fluent in Braschhhnyyyi along with a few friends that were sitting at the same table with me. We talked Braschhhnyyyi the entire evening up to the point where one of us (whose identity won't be disclosed because we're talking about me) literally had a cheese-running nose.

As I cherish the knowledge that was gifted to me on that precious evening, I wanted to share it with the world so that generations to come will remember what it meant to speak Braschhhnyyyi when humankind was just another species on earth with an uncertain future.

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