Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Potentially Game Changing Idea For FON

What if FON were to implement in their ubiquitous hotspots a feature that would allow roaming users to have the same IP address than their home IP whenever they are abroad? Wouldn't that be revolutionary in the sense that it would free users from geo-restrictions when they are traveling?

Moreover, wouldn't it be wonderful if we lived in a world where FON would allow any user anywhere to choose the country from which they would like their IP address to be from?

In the an effort to free users from alienating geo-restrictions, FON could expand its already worldwide network and become synonymous for Internet Freedom.

How could they implement this? Well, rather simply I guess:

- FON hotspots could feature VPN servers that would allow their owner to remotely connect through a VPN connection when they're not home. This would enable them to use their home IP address when traveling abroad since all traffic would be tunneled through a VPN connection.
- In the same line of thinking, FON could allow users to "open" their VPN server on their personal FON hotspot to other FON users worldwide. Hence users located abroad could use this peer-to-peer VPN network to achieve what I call "peer-to-peer Geo Freedom".

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Benoit said...

Sorry to dissapoint you but this is technically undoable in IPv4. You cannot take out an IP address from a subnet and have it route to some completly different subnet. You could have an IP from Fon but that would defeat the purpose since you would be seen coming from Fon...

fr8d said...

Thanks for your comment. I have just updated my post so as to explain how I saw things. I believe a VPN connection could be used in order to achieve peer-to-peer Geo Freedom.

Of course it's now a question of CPU and bandwidth...

What do you think?