Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fine Dining: Meat Market Restaurant - South Beach (Miami)

When you are on vacation for two weeks in the same city and you go twice to the same restaurant in two days, I think it tells a lot about how satisfactory the food must be.

This is what happened to us at the Meat Market restaurant on Lincoln Rd in South Beach, Miami. We did take advantage on our first dinner of the Miami Spice Menu. For those of you not familiar with it, let me explain what Miami Spice is all about. Every year in August and September, most of the best restaurants in Miami offer on certain days a set menu priced at US$ 22 for lunch and US$ 35 for dinner. This is, in most cases, an absolute bargain. Of course, we found it to be extremely valuable at Meat Market where the food as well as the setting and service are close to perfection.

We so much enjoyed our Miami Spice menu that we had to go back the following day although we knew the Miami Spice menu wasn't available. Here are pictures of the great food we had there:

Kobe Beef Sliders (one with cheese, the other one with Foie Gras):

Kobe Beef Skewers:

Lamb Chop Duo:

20 Oz. American Kobe Beef with Mac & Cheese (not on the Miami Spice Menu):

Key Lime Pie:

On the must-go scale from 1 to 10, this restaurant is a solid 10!

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