Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lylou's Cook Hamburger Delivery In Strasbourg (France) Review

There finally is one option to have hamburgers delivered at home in Strasbourg thanks to Lylou's Cook. Yes their website is amateurish at best but they are the only option if you live in Strasbourg and feel too lazy to go out to buy a hamburger. Of course, I had to to taste their burgers so here is my review.

First of all, it took me one hour and thirty-five minutes to be delivered which is way too long on my opinion. I ordered 2 double cheeseburgers and one regular cheeseburger with fries and ended up with two regular cheeseburgers and only one double cheeseburger. The fries were good but the cheeseburgers only ok. I could taste neither the cheddar, nor the onions in my burger. The meat was good though and the bun warm. There is way too much Ketchup in their burgers to enjoy their ingredients but all in all I can say that my meal was ok. I would, hence, give them a score of 5/10. They have a menu for two which is a very good value as it is priced at €15.90 and comes with burgers, fries, drinks and desserts.

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