Saturday, December 29, 2012

Best Prepaid iPhone Plan in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

In my quest to find unlimited prepaid data wherever I go, I present to you the results of my trials and errors in Argentina!

Finding a prepaid sim card with unlimited data in Buenos Aires was, to say the least, not easy. After browsing multiple websites in English and Spanish (keep in mind I don't speak Spanish), I was under the assumption that the best deal for me would be to get a Movistar sim card. I, thus, went to a Movistar store where I bought a prepaid sim card for 50 Argentinian pesos (=US$10) (it came loaded with 10 pesos of credit) and was told that I would be able to use their unlimited internet plan for 1 pesos per day.

It took about an hour for the card to become active but data access never worked. I went back to the store where I was told that customer service was handled by a dedicated support store to which I went (you have to be ready to lose time when you want your prepaid sim card to work). I was given there various APN settings that I all tried thanks to the Rebel Sim card website and their custom APN configuration page (you could also try the original unlockit APN changer website but it is now limited in functionality). Nothing worked. So, I resorted to a different carrier and went to a Claro store.

Claro also offers unlimited internet for 1 pesos per day. I was, however, told that their plan wouldn't work my my iPhone 5 although they sold nano-sim cards. Since the sim was much cheaper than at Movistar (10 pesos = US$2), I decided to give it a try. So I bought the sim (remember to bring a passport to the store as you will need it to purchase a sim card) and waited an hour for activation. Since the sim didn't come with any credit, I went to a supermarket to add 20 pesos of credit (you can pretty much top up prepaid sim cards everywhere in Argentina) and bam! A few seconds after handling the money to the cashier, I could feel my iPhone coming to life in my pocket with notifications starting to pour down on it from the clouds!

So, do not hesitate and go for Claro if you're in Argentina and need a prepaid sim card with unlimited data. One thing to keep in mind is that bandwidth is capped after 10 Mb of use per day but you can restore full bandwidth by sending a text message to "252" with the text "TURBO". It will cost you an extra pesos every time you do so. Should you choose not to do so, you will still be able to access the internet but at a reduced speed (64 kbps).


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I lived in an apartment for rent in buenos aires last year and the three oligopolic companys that rules the market have an awful service. They are expensive, uncomprensive with the customers and the service is not good. Not only foreigns complains about that, argentinians complains too. I don´t understand why this beautiful country can´t regulate properly this pirates.

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