Friday, January 20, 2012

Le Camion Qui Fume - Food Truck - Paris

Making a close to perfect burger requires two major skills: humility and method. Kristin Frederick (pictured above), the chef behind "Le Camion Qui Fume" (The Smoking Truck), is gifted with both.
Humility is essential when it comes to burgers because no matter how talented a chef you are, you have to recognize that the best burger can only be a classic burger. It is thus essential to feature it in your menu no matter how fancy, smart or inventive you think you are.

I must say I was impressed to see that Kristin's Classic Burger does not stray away from this principle. Her classic Burger recipe may look simple to the untrained eye: tomato, onion, lettuce, pickles, meat, cheddar and mayo. Actually, though the ingredients and the recipe seem merely self-evident, they're not! Balancing everything inside a bun and making it juicy & hot but fresh is an act of pure devotion to the Burger cause which requires the utmost method.

My visit to Le Camion Qui Fume was simply great. I had a great classic burger for which my only comment would be that the bun was a bit too thick. I, for one, am totally for mayo in a classic burger as opposed to what Ketchup aficionados would tell you. So once again Kudos to Le Camion Qui Fume for making it possible for my taste buds to experience the deliciousness of Kristin's burgers!
Don't forget to follow this food truck on Twitter @LeCamionQuiFume or Facebook for updates regarding their location or check their website out here.
Be there early (30 mins before opening time), if you want to avoid a huge line and a very long wait!

Burger Score: 9/10
And remember this famous quote: "We hold these truths to be self-evident that NOT all hamburgers are created equal".


Anonymous said...

Fred ! Merci pour votre temps hier "Au camion qui fume" et venez voir notre reportage sur
Sympa votre article, sur Infolie vous êtes notre "burger blogger"

fr8d said...

Merci à vous. j'ai apprécié de pouvoir partager au sujet du burger. Bravo pour votre reportage et votre article :-)