Saturday, June 9, 2012

1741 Restaurant Review (Strasbourg, France)

1741 is the much hyped restaurant that recently opened in Strasbourg. Since everybody's talking about it, I had to review it and let me tell you right away: I was not disappointed.

First of all, the setting is absolutely stunning. The place is decorated with great taste and everything in this restaurant is about details. The staff is extremely professional and nice. The ubiquitous Hermès chinaware is just something that you wouldn't expect to see anywhere even in the most expensive restaurant in the world.

1741 consists of 4 floors amongst which the third one is a slightly more casual one which only serves a "surprise" menu prepared right next to you in the open kitchen located on the same floor.

1741 is, in my opinion, the restaurant that Strasbourg was lacking. It made me feel I was away from my hometown and eating at the trendiest place in New York City. There is no question as to if you should try it or not if you live in Strasbourg. So, here are some pictures of the exquisite food served there:

Well it started off with an excellent chip Pizza (who doesn't love chips and who doesn't love pizza?):

Followed by a cloud of morels & chive (Yummy):

Then followed the starters: Tomato soup with a delicious tomato based toast:

The veal was cooked to perfection (but a bit cold when it reached our table):

The cheese selection was just awesome (the Maitre d' told us that the selection is theme based. Today's theme was cheeses from the "North"):

The chocolate dessert was exquisite (you gotta love the skid marks touch on the plate):

You have to like this beautiful alcove:

More desserts:

Pikeperch to be served tonight:

The bathroom and the sink:

 Ladies' bathroom with Hermès perfume ("Eau d'Orange verte"):

Why 1741? Well just because the Palais des Rohan (which you can see from the restaurant) was completed in 1741. Attention to details goes as far as the library of the ground floor sporting only books dating back to 1741:

Last picture: sugar for coffee and of course Hermès chinaware:

All in all, I had a terrific time at 1741 and will definitely go back! The last touch I will mention is that this restaurant offers a valet parking service, something that is unique in Strasbourg.

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