Friday, June 29, 2012

The Alsatian Burger is Here

Though it may not be the corner stone of any nutritious breakfast, the Alsatian Burger featured at La Tocante Restaurant in Vendenheim is a delightful combination that has to be had! The idea here is to replace the bun with potato pancakes (or "Grumbeerekiechle" as they call them in Alsace) and serve ketchup on the side. The closest idea that comes to mind is, of course, KFC's Double Down sandwich.

As for the meat in my burger, it was not only perfectly cooked but juicy and tasty as well. Moreover, the cheese melted to perfection definitely added a plus to the cheeseburgerness factor of the whole thing:

I wouldn't recommend eating this blob-esque preparation with your hands but this is one of those rare situations where eating a burger with cutlery is perfectly ok and would definitely not be frowned upon. I stated in the past that the perfect burger for me was a classic burger and I still stand by that affirmation. However, I can only say that I really enjoyed this original Alsatian Burger and really encourage you to try it!

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