Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Viber Effect: Resistance Is Futile

When it comes to VoIP apps on the iPhone, there are many options available. The same can be said for Instant Messaging apps that mimic text messaging without a fee. As a new VoIP app named "Viber" was announced recently, I found myself reluctant to install it as I already had at least five alternatives on my iPhone. And here I am today, talking about this app that I ended up downloading yesterday. When it comes to communication apps, usability and looks aren't necessarily the most important things although that's what would jump in mind if you were asked out of the blue. The thing is that it's all about what your friends use. And when it comes to Viber, it looks like they have a winner app. I, indeed, received so many invites from friends to install it that I ended up doing it!

I must say this app is well executed, fast and efficient. And you gotta love the "à la" Whatsapp no registration needed process as Viber uses your phone number to identify you (and verifies it by sending you a code via a text message).

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