Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Aux Trois Chevaliers (Strasbourg - Restaurant Review)

Aux Trois Chevaliers is one of my favorite restaurants in Strasbourg. The quality of the food is only matched by the dedication of the team to guarantee customer satisfaction (such a rare oddity in France that it is well worth mentioning).

You will love the stripped down decor adorned with huge mirrors that give a contemporary work-in-progress feel to this old Winstub.

Not to be missed are the Cordon Bleu: battered veal stuffed with melted cheese and ham or the Fillet of Beef Rossini style with Foie Gras sitting on top of the meat.

If you live in Strasbourg and haven't tried it out yet, this is a must-go!

Rumor has it that this place is one of most coveted Foursquare mayorships in town...

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