Thursday, April 19, 2012

Le Buerehiesel (Strasbourg - Restaurant Review)

Strasbourg used to have the privilege of hosting two three-star Michelin restaurants: both Au Crocodile and Le Buerehiesel shared this honor. However, recent changes in the local fine food landscape led to a single star downgrade of their red guide rating. I already covered what happened to Au Crocodile in the aforementioned link so it only seems logical to tell the story of Le Buerehiesel.

While Au Crocodile was sold to another chef, Le Buerehiesel continued its family tradition as Eric Westermann (former chef & owner Antoine Westermann's son) took over his father's restaurant. Most critics will emphasize the fact that he followed his father's vision while striving to make this holy temple of food a bit more casual.

So what about the food?

Well, first of all, let me say that I was very happy to have the opportunity to eat there last night with a group. The fact that we were more than 60 people sharing the same menu can only make it harder for the chef and his team to deliver a perfect experience. But that did not stop them from delivering an excellent meal to all of us!

Pictured above is the "Amuse Bouche" which was based on snails and ended up being quite satisfactory to my taste buds.

Below is a picture of the duck Foie Gras which I totally loved:

Seafood Raviolis in a black tea broth which were both light and original.

Veal shank which was a bit too dry in my opinion but I will put that on the account that 60 of those were served at the same time. 

Finally dessert which was quite refreshing:

The menu (excuse my French):

All in all, a very pleasant experience which only leads me to think that I should go back very soon!

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