Monday, April 16, 2012

PizzBurgers Strasbourg Review

There seem to be no rest for the true Burger lovers in Strasbourg these days and this is a very good thing in my unbiased opinion... Well almost unbiased...

Last november, Speed Burger opened a location in Strasbourg and I reviewed them here. There is now a new alternative to burger home deliveries in our great alsatian city thanks to PizzBurgers. I tried them out twice and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of their burgers. I found them to be more than reasonably good and the selection on their website is quite large. Most importantly, both times I ordered, delivery was fast and the burgers were still burning hot when they arrived!

As for pizzas, I can only say that the Margharita pizza I ordered was ok. Probably better than at Pizza Hut but that that does not necessarily mean anything. Anyway, I never expected to get the best of both worlds (in a pizza & burger centric universe) but in my book, PizzBurgers is far superior to Speed Burger. So, in the end, the fact that they also deliver pizzas has to be viewed as an added bonus!

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