Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gusyatnikoff Restaurant Review (Moscow, Russian Federation)

As you may expect, the Pushkin Cafe isn't the only fine dining restaurant in Moscow. Gusyatnikoff is another place that definitely is in the same category. We went there on a week day and were taken a bit aback when we realized that there didn't seem to be many other customers besides us. As a matter of fact, it looked a bit deserted. Nevertheless the setting was very nice managing to mix contemporary and classic designs. The restaurant is made of many different rooms closed by doors so you can't really tell what's happening in the next room (we could tell that other customers were singing in the room next to ours but that didn't bother us as it only added an even more pittoresque touch to our evening).

We had to have Caviar at least once during our trip in Russia and I must confess we were not disappointed by the Beluga Caviar featured in the menu:

Of course, we continued our meal with a Borsch which we absolutely loved combined with  the excellent bread pictured below:

The Veal Shank below is, without a doubt, the best I have ever had in my life: the most tender and tasty in my experience. I would rate this as something that you can't miss if you go to Gusyatnikoff's.

The beef Stroganoff was very good but in no way comparable to the exquisite veal shank pictured above.

So how does Gusyatnikoff compare to Pushkin Cafe? In my very limited experience, I would say that the setting and atmosphere is nicer at Pushkin Cafe but as for food, my preference goes without a doubt to Gusyatnikoff. Service was also top notch. Our very nice waiter called us a taxi at the end of our meal and accompanied us to the car to negotiate the fare and give directions to the cab driver.


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Fantastic authentic Russian entrees. Comfortable couch seating. Fantastic Vodka and wine selection. NOT easy to find but worth the effort. 1 block from Metro station so easy too and from. Look for gated entry at address listed. BEST RUSSIAN meal I had in Moscow. On the way to DME, easy stop off. Catch it if you can. Enjoy!!

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