Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Best Burger in Newquay, UK

As I was on a trip to Newquay (UK), I thought I'd take advantage of this visit to sample some British burgers. I had done my research before my trip and it seemed that Bank Street Bar & Grill was the place to go for the best burger in town.

Well, let me tell you, I wasn't disappointed at all. I ordered a Bank Street Bad Boy Burger and Boy (no pun intended), I loved it! I usually don't like any burger interpretation that strays away from a classic burger but this time, I was impressed. My chili sauce and the combination with excellent meat, tasty bun and cheese was just delightful.

Staff was extremely courteous too. I learnt that the chef had even once created a "Man V. Food" burger for a charity but unfortunately nobody dared take the challenge. Adam Richman, if you read this, you know what to do!

The other burger I tasted in Newquay was the Murgatroyd Burger at The Beached Lamb Cafe. Although the reviews of this place were extremely positive, I ended being a bit disappointed with my burger which I found lacking taste and maybe a bit too much on the organic side:

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