Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A New York Secret Bar Experience (Please Don't Tell)

Secret bars are nothing new but they make for a very special and fun experience. As I had the chance to try one of them, I can only secretly share it with you. So: Please don't tell!

I can't tell you all about it but I strongly suggest you go pay a visit to Crif Dogs on your next trip to New York. If you love hot dogs, you will have the chance to taste the best hot dog in New York so don't hesitate to order one. Here's what the entrance to Crif Dogs looks like just a few steps down from the sidewalk:


Once you're in, you will be facing the counter where you can order New York's finest hot dot. And don't get me wrong, many people come here only for hot dogs so it is usually packed and the secret bar is hidden well!

Look directly to your left and you will see an old-fashioned phone booth:

Enter the phone booth (after 6pm) and dial 1:

The back door of the phone booth will magically open and a hostess will ask you how many you are: gently answer and if there's room she may let you in. Inside it's a different world from Crif Dogs (which looks like the average Hot Dog joint). The bar is sleek and there are vey nice booths where you can sit at a table. You can only be impressed by the cocktails served here as they are prepared with extreme accuracy and are all very original.

Here's a picture of a classic Belvedere Martini which I suggest you shouldn't bother with if you come here as there are extremely interesting cocktails to discover:

The TomR Collins below served with a huge vertical ice cube is excellent:


The one below is my favorite: Benton's Old Fashioned which has a bacon taste. It might not sound appealing but you have to try it!

Behold the Lower East Side Globe Trotter served with a spherical ice cube prepared right in front of you with their special spherical ice cube machine. This cocktail is not on the list (another secret?) so remember to ask for it.

The spherical ice cube didn't melt much while I was drinking this cocktail. That is its practical use as it is a huge chunk of ice that will cool your drink down but not add much water to it:

And if that wasn't enough, you can actually order food from Crif Dogs while having a cocktail at the bar! Fabulous cheese fries below:

All in all, the most fun I had in a long time! I suggest you go try it for yourself and of course (and that is also the name of this secret bar): Please Don't Tell!


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Marbele mark said...
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Marbele mark said...

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