Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Delta Business Elite Flat-Bed Seats Review

As I recently traveled on the Frankfurt - New York JFK route with Delta, I have to share my impressions of Delta's Business Elite Flat-Bed seats. As you can see above this relatively new seat uses the "pod" design and does provide the passenger with a very wide armrest which is large enough to leave your food tray should you feel the need to get up while in the middle of your meal.

You will aslo find a regular power source as well as a USB port which should be plenty enough to charge your electronic devices while aboard. The In Flight Entertainment (IFE) system is a pleasure to use as the user interface is very responsive (compared to Air France's extremely slow IFE where there's almost a second lag after each press of a button).

In Flat-bed position, I found this seat to be very comfortable. Although it looks and seems narrow and lacking in length, it actually goes very far into the pod located in front of it so that there is plenty of leg room (at least significantly more than with Air France's seats).

Below you can see a picture of a passenger seating half way between upright and flat bed positions.

Of course, the other good thing about flying business class is the food which I found to be very good on this flight. Starting with a preflight drink of Duval Leroy champagne:

Shortly after take-off, cocktail service with a Bloody Mary:

Starters consisted of an excellent shrimp preparation:

 Followed  by a salad with ranch dressing:

The  menu:

 I had the grilled beef tenderloin which was very tender and tasty. I loved the blue cheese sauce and the Lyonnaise potatoes!

Cheese selection accompanied by grapes and a strawberry:

And a beautiful sundae:

I can safely say that this was a very pleasant flight. I really liked Delta's flat-bed seats. Their only drawback is that for the seats which are separated from the aisle by the armrest, it can be a very narrow passage to go through. Otherwise, it is an excellent product providing aisle access to all business class passengers. The long and flat bed seat features a very large armrest. It is way ahead of Air France's current product.

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