Saturday, August 18, 2012

Another Secret Bar In New York: Bleecker Heights Tavern

Should you ever wander on Bleecker Street in New York after 4pm and stumble upon the Five Guys burger joint pictured above, then follow this route: head to the counter but instead of ordering food (which is something you can also do before following my instructions), follow the restrooms sign and...

Once you're facing the restrooms door, turn around and you'll see this staircase:

Go all the way up and open the door to enter the Bleecker Heights Tavern which is a secret sports bar located on the first floor of this Five Guys joint.

I might only add that we seem to be living in a perfect world where secret bars are located inside burger or hot dog joints!


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Kristopher smith said...

What fun to have a secret bar! Do you know of any live music bar nyc that are also located in a secret place? I would love to discover one like that.