Monday, November 14, 2011

How To Officially Unlock Your iPhone

If you're amongst the lucky ones that are able to have their carrier officially unlock their iPhones, here's a quick tip as to how to properly do it. As a matter of fact, some carriers will send you unclear instructions once your unlocking request has been approved.

There are two ways to use an unlocked iPhone: you can either re-activate it every time you insert a new sim card in it or unlock it for good so you won't have to go through the process of activation ever again.

Here's the breakdown:

1) Per SIM activation: once your unlocking request has been approved by your mobile carrier and verified by Apple, you will be able to use any sim card in your iPhone but you will need to re-activate it every time you change sims. If you're using iOS5, you can do this Over-The-Air but remember that you will need at least a wifi connection or to connect your iPhone to an internet connected computer. If you're traveling abroad and are planning to change sim cards in a plane, you might end up being stuck without any phone once you reach your destination as you will need to find a working wifi hotspot in order to re-activate your iPhone. This is why I recommend the following option:

2) Proper unlocking procedure: once your unlocking request has been approved, fully restore your iPhone using iTunes. This will take some time (1 to 2 hours) but it will unlock your iPhone for good so that you will never have to re-activate it again if you change sims!


Barclay Hurley said...

Great offer if you desire to buy iphone so that's officially have them between the official carrier unlock their iPhone's lucky that there is a proper way to do it the quick tips. In fact,some operators will send you clear instructions, once you unlock request has been approved.

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Anonymous said...

Isnt this only for iphone 4S unlocked from a Carrier?

If I buy an unlocked iphone 4S from Apple DIRECTLY, then I should be able to pop in any GSM sim without this restore procedure?

Isnt that correct ?


fr8d said...

Yep. The iPhones sold by Apple are already fully unlocked so no need to follow that procedure.

saha said...

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Justin Gaberial said...

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which demeifHi,When you say carrier update does that have anything to do with the latest software update from Apple or just a minor update of settings when plugging in the phone thru itunes? Meaning if I have a jailbroken iphone with version 6.1.2 and not the latest 6.1.4 will my AT&T unlocked iphone 5 get T-mobile LTE?Thak you...Peggy Markel

Rickey Robin said...

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