Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pierre Gagnaire's Sketch Restaurant In London

Sketch is Famous French chef Pierre Gagnaire's signature restaurant in London. It actually consists for three different restaurants: Gallery, The Lecture Room and Parlour. Parlour is the more relaxed option while The Lecture Room features a tasting menu. I had the chance to eat at Gallery which is their "middle ground" option last weekend. Although the food didn't live up to my high expectations, I absolutely loved the experience. Above this text is a picture of my starters: the "Pollock". Below is a picture of my main course which was scallops with truffles. Both were good but not that original in my opinion.

"Le Citron" dessert was excellent:

And so was the Bollinger red wine selected by their high-skilled Sommelier:

All in all, it was a fantastic experience for the food was good but, most importantly, service was absolutely spectacular which is a rarity when the staff is mostly French. Sketch, indeed, seems to be the exception that proves the rule in that regard. In addition, the decor of this place is just worth going there just to check it out. Here is a picture of their restoom pods:

This should give you an idea of how original the setting is. So, trust me: if you have the chance, don't think twice before booking a table there.

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