Monday, November 14, 2011

Three Burgers In London

As I was using a prepaid Three UK sim card during my trip to London, I thought I should review Three hamburger joints there!

The first place I tried was Ed's Easy Diner and the picture above features their Big Bubba's Bacon N'Cheese Burger which is a rather good burger. It just lacks a bit of sauce, iceberg lettuce and a better quality patty. But all in all, it is quite a good burger in a classic Diner setting. Staff was very courteous and service quite fast.

The second place I tried was Byron Hamburgers and I must say that their Byron Hamburger was my favorite in London. Bun was great, very good sauce, excellent cheddar cheese and the right balance in ingredients. Definitely a worthy burger:

Finally, I went to Bar Boulud which is supposed to be among the top places for Burgers in London. I, unfortunately can't concur with this as I thought their Yankee Burger, though made up of perfect ingredients, lacks taste and more importantly an adequate and original sauce. Make no mistake, this burger is good but it won't transcend you and lift you up all the way to Burger Xanadu. In essence, Boulud's interpretation of the classic American Hamburger borders way too much on the French side of Burger wisdom in my opinion. Behold the Yankee Burger below:

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