Friday, November 12, 2010

A Day Trip To Germany

Yesterday, I went on a day trip to Germany in quest of the perfect sausage (as well as a Double Whopper with cheese at the closest Burger King to where I live). Well, I must say Edeka (a supermarket chain in Germany) did not disappoint me! I had originally planned to shop at the Edeka supermarket in Kehl. But my great sense of direction, car navigation system and iPhones (plurial form since I had brought along an old jailbroken iPhone 3G equipped with a prepaid German Blau sim card to serve as a MiFi router) were of no help when it came to locating this venue. I would, however, realize later on, while driving back home, that there are signs all over the road pointing to its location. It seems my excitement and low I.Q. made me oblivious to these clues at the time.

As you might have guessed, this was not going to prevent me from fulfilling my destiny so I decided to head to Offenburg where my car navigation system could locate an Edeka supermarket. Believe me, it was worth the drive! My eyes were mesmerized by the variety of sausages on display, their cheddar cheese, hot cheese dip for Doritos, hot dog buns, hamburger buns and so forth.

This is the place to shop!

And to make it an even more perfect day, I stopped at Burger King on my way home!

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