Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Motorola 5200 I Love You

17 years ago, I bought my first cell phone: a Motorola 5200 GSM. This looked like the future to me and it now seems so low-tech. One great feature this phone had was that it could read regular sized carrier SIM cards which would come in handy nowadays as so many people talk about using their cell phones as a payment means. As a matter of fact, inserting one's credit card in a cell phone to make a purchase would just be awesome. However, most cell phones are now smaller than credit cards!

Anyway, the nostalgic in you has to appreciate these vintage pictures! Check out below my old American Motorola AMPS Micro-Tac flip phone (with a red Mr. Rescue sticker).

Motorola 5200 Tech Specs: Monoband 900 Mhz, 100 contact memory, no SMS, extendable antenna that can be used as a weapon.

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