Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Latest Home Design Trend: Burgerize Your House

As I a man of the world gifted with a sense of taste that many of my peers envy, I use every second of my spare time to improve the design of my apartment and come up with unexpected ideas that will make it to your homes in a century or two (OR NOT).

As I was profoundly asleep and dreaming of juicy burgers last night, it came to my mind that the Beauty of the Burger should not be restricted to being displayed in a plate but should actually be everywhere around us. I am thus embarking on a quest that will end the day I manage to convince my family that it is ok to hang poster-size pictures of Homemade Burgers in our living-room.

In order to make my quest more plausible, I invite you all to do the same and Burgerize your house!

1 comment:

ZDoggMD said...

Consider it done! As Wimpy often told Popeye, "I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a poster of a hamburger today."