Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Twitter, Build-Your-Own-Cult & The Prophet Engine

It has just come to my  attention that Twitter is a service that enables anyone to become a cult leader or Prophet. By displaying the amount of followers you will entice through your 140-character psalms, it has the ability to turn anyone's popularity into a huge influence to the world. In that regard, Twitter may be viewed as the realization of Bergson's prediction that the essential function of the universe is to become a machine for the making of Gods.

Granted, I did not manage to put all this in less than 140 characters so I'm out of the race to become a Prophet or Cult leader, but still you have to behold this paradigm.

You might also ask why I keep quoting Bergson in my bog. Well, probably because he is the only philosopher I have ever read and by read I mean memorized one sentence to pretend I'm smart and interested in philosophy.

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