Friday, October 1, 2010

Will The Discovery Of Planet Zarmina (Gliese 581g) Change Our Faith?

The discovery of Planet Zarmina (Gliese 581g) is a ground breaking moment in human history. For the first time ever, we have reasonable proof that another Planet than earth in a not-so-distant Solar System could support human life. This only can lead to the conclusion that there probably is an astonishing amount of planets similar to earth in the Universe. Therefore, it must be very likely that life exists beyond our blue horizons.

Although I am thrilled by this discovery, I can hardly fathom the perhaps not-so-distant day when we discover life or, even better, intelligent life outside of our solar system. The world will be profoundly shaken and hopefully come to the realization that all our earthly conflicts have zero significance at the scale of the Universe. How will earthlings integrate this discovery with the religions they have believed in for centuries? How can we fight on earth over whose God is right when life is not limited to our planet?

Will we discover that Prophets visited other planets as well ? Or for the lack of such a fact, will we join our faiths and those of aliens in a common belief or understanding of an almighty essence in the Universe?

Can The Panspermia Theory (or as I like to call it: The Cosmic Bukkake Theory) explain a single origin of life in the entire Universe? I highly doubt it. So, if life emerged on different planets, at different times, under different (or why not the same) forms, shouldn't this come into conflict with our earthly faiths?

It certainly does not answer the question of God but it might bring us closer to it.

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