Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Need For A Department Of Simplification

I really dig Alan Siegel's presentation. Our world is getting more and more complex by the second and its increased complexity unrelentlessly (don't you love solecism?) leads to even more exponential complexity (don't you love alliterations?). I believe that we are very close to a point where bureaucracy will be the only level of complexity left. It will have devoured all other forms of human thinking and action by implementing procedures for everything and even procedures themselves. We will all spend our days filling in forms or spreadsheets to accurately assess our ability and skills at filling in forms or spreadsheets to document the exactitude of the forms or spreadsheets we last filled in etc...

Unless we listen to people like Alan Siegel and seriously consider the necessity of creating a Department Of Simplification, I predict that our whole world will go down in OCD mayhem. We, now more than ever, need to acknowledge that there is a compromise to be found between absolute chaos and absolute perfection (or at least perfection of documentation).

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