Monday, October 4, 2010

The Quest For The Perfect Hamburger

My wife and I have recently embarked on a bold journey: the quest for the perfect hamburger.
I feel like a modern times knight wearing a melted-cheese armor, armed with a frying pan riding along a carriage full of hamburger patties. The amount of possible hamburger combinations is just astonishing to me, maybe even more so than the amount of galaxies in the universe or neural connections in the brain. Just try to envision the different types of cheese, temperatures, hamburger patty recipes, types of bun, special sauces, lettuce, tomatoes, onion etc...
The number of combinations is just infinite!
In a way, the quest for the perfect hamburger is akin to the quest for the perfect Dry Martini. I will therefore try and document my advances and discoveries on my blog!

Today's pictures are just the outcome of our attempt at replicating a Juicy Lucy (a Minneapolis specialty)! The beauty of this variation is to actually stuff cheese between 2 hamburger patties, merge them into one prior to frying it.
It was delicious !
Here is our source of inspiration: The Amazing TV Show: Man Vs. Food with Adam Richman.

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seb said...

It looks good ! Well done... I'm hungry now.