Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Favorite Podcasts

In this culture shifting day and age, we are not limited by geographical constraints when it comes to watching or listening to our favorite shows! So, here are mine:

- Diggnation: Kevin Rose & Alex Albrecht are potentially hazardous to your health!

- The Endgadget Show: Fantastic gadget coverage by Joshua Topolsky!

- GeekBeat.TV (formerly known as GeekBrief.TV): 5 minute daily gadget news from Cali Lewis!

- TEDTalks: Less than 20 minute expert presentations on various topics ! Amazing concept ! I can't get enough of Ted Talks!

2600: Hacker and counterculture podcast! Very informative!

- Naive London Girl: Great audio podcast about sex & relationships ! Anjelika & Wanda are fun to listen to! So is Suzanne Portnoy on her guest star appearances.

- SexGeeks: Discontinued podcast but old episodes are still available for download!

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