Saturday, October 23, 2010

Imagine A World Where Shrinks Are Rappers

In my constant quest to reach Absurdity Nirvana, I had this vision of a world where psychotherapists would be rappers. Wouldn't it be great?

Imagine if you were to go see a shrink and they were dressed like Snoop Doggy Dog with a huge pimp rapper bling dollar sign chain around their neck, wearing basketball apparel and a hat. Wouldn't it be cool if during a psychotherapy session instead of saying "I understand you feel anger toward your mom", they were to say "Yo G., your mom was a bi-atch"?

Another example: "It sounds like you have unresolved issues with your father" would translate into: "Yo, crank it, smoke that MFer".

Best of all, would be to spot your shrink on a week-end driving his hummer, blasting the whole  neighborhood with Snoop Doggy Dog's music and shouting "Yo Freud iz in da houz".

Food for absurd thoughts, right?


ZDoggMD said...

I would go to a rapper psychiatrist in a heartbeat, great idea! Of course, as a wannabe internal medicine rapper, I'm biased:

fr8d said...

I absolutely love your videos!

We share the same kinda twisted sense of humor ;-)

ZDoggMD said...

Word up! Thanks for the shout out brutha!