Monday, October 25, 2010

Should You Read On An iPad Or Kindle?

This might sound like a stupid question, but the answer isn't that obvious. Surely, the iPad can act as a Kindle by either using its built-in iBooks app or the Kindle app (or even the Nook app). So why would you consider buying a Kindle (or Nook)? Well, the Kindle is much cheaper but will basically only enable you to read books (browsing the web or reading emails is too cumbersome and not practical on a grayscale screen). So if you have the budget to purchase an iPad, this sounds like a no-brainer and many people would not even think about the Kindle.

In my opinion, both products have their own strength. Reading a book on an iPad is ok if you're inside an apartment. It gets very annoying if you're exposed to direct sunlight. But this is not even main the reason why you wouldn't use an iPad to read. I believe that the main obstacle to reading on an iPad is the fact that it is too versatile. I, indeed, can't manage to read two pages of a book without being tempted to either check my emails or Facebook or Twitter when I'm using my iPad. This renders the whole reading experience terrible. It is, in fact, much easier for me to read on my Kindle where I'm a lot less tempted to do anything else than reading.

So, if you're considering buying an iPad to read, be aware of this. As a growing number of people are affected by some kind of technology related ADHD where  they are having trouble concentrating on the same task for more than five minutes, the iPad potential for distraction is huge. So keep in mind that, sometimes, less is better!

As a side note, I should also point out that I'm very surprised that hacking the Kindle 3G Sim  Card hasn't gone mainstream since this device offers international cellular connectivity at no cost at all (no contract, no fee).

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