Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Back To The Mind Event: Hackers, Shamans And Physicians

I thought about stealing the fame from Apple and hold a competitive Back To The Mind event today at the same time than the Back To The Mac Apple Event. As a courtesy to my friend Steve Jobs whom I've never met, I've finally decided to postpone my event until November, 31st. On that date, CNN will broadcast live from my bedroom (I'm too lazy to go anywhere else) my first and last keynote ever titled "Back To The Mind".

Don't be scared, I'm not in the business of selling Minds or iMinds. In fact, you should know by now that I don't intend on selling anything at all. I just want people who read my blog to use that opportunity to enhance their knowledge of life, the Universe and everything else (and learn to count until 42 at least).

In this keynote, I will talk about the origins of hacking and show that the first hackers were shamans. Through the power of suggestion and the sometimes psychotic ability to connect to the Spirit World, shamans effectively used social engineering to heal benign affections. Modern medicine unknowingly shared the same practices as "proto-doctors" would use inactive principles, mistakenly thinking they were active just because they would have a positive effect on some patients. This was actually nothing more than the demonstration that the placebo effect existed. It is, unfortunately, still used in the practice of homeopathy when practitioners confuse the psychotherapeutic effect produced by the fact that they listen to their patients with the belief that the inactive drugs they prescribe would have any positive effect at all.

Later in the evolution of science, arose the true hacking spirit in doctors as they tried to understand the nature of diseases and to figure out ways to find a backdoor in order to actively destroy or annihilate what caused the disease (think infectious diseases).

The so-called new hacker culture is nothing new at all. It just applied the principles that scientists and physicians had been using for centuries to hacking computers and networks!

Note: Due to the fact that there is no November, 31st in the calendar and that everything I wanted to say in my keynote has already been presented here, I have decided, as a courtesy to CNN, my bedroom and the world, to cancel my keynote.

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