Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Fine Art Of Fusion Food

After eating my diet meal last night, I decided to eat for real and go for a hot dog! I, unfortunately, quickly realized that I had neither hot dog buns  nor sausages at home. In fact, the only ingredient I had was American mustard! But since necessity is the mother of all invention and I'm not the kind of guy to be bummed out by details, I had the great idea to invent a new fusion food dish. I named it: "The Great Trans Northern" as it mixes Indian bread with French sausages and American mustard. I did not have to add sauerkraut as the aforementioned sausages came from Strasbourg, a place well know for its traditional dish called "choucroute" that features sauerkraut garnished with sausages and other pork meats (makes sense, right?).

Well the result was just amazing and in my opinion, probably the most successful attempt ever at besting the tradition American hot dog! So, I suggest you all purchase a plane ticket to India with a stopover in France to gather the necessary ingredients to prepare this mouth watering fine fusion food dish. If you decide to go ahead and call an airline to book your trip, don't forget to mention the promo code "Great Trans Northern Challenge" and you'll get a 99% discount for any Virgin Galactic flight reservation.

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