Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Space 1999, Earth 2010 & The Phallic Prosthesis Paradigm

I have always been fascinated by science fiction and even more so by the fact that many technologies or endeavors depicted in this genre end up in the real world (Think Jules Vernes: 20.000 Leagues Under The Sea or From The Earth To The Moon). The Commlock from Space 1999 is no exception to this rule! I was so much looking forward to it becoming a reality when I was a child and I have just realized that my iPhone does a lot more than the Commlock was about! Granted I am no Alphan and we are not close to establishing a colony on the moon! We have, however, developed modern tools that are way ahead of what science fiction envisioned just 30 years ago!
Humans are tool-utilizing animals and our passion for tools (and in a way their phallic prosthesis function) has led us to creating swords, guns and their popular contemporary counterpart: the ubiquitous smartphone.

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