Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Warning To Readers Of This Blog

A recent double-blind placebo-controlled study conducted in our reader population showed that reading this blog was associated with a decrease in IQ of 24.42 points in average. As a consequence, this blog is considered to be the most dangerous material ever to be written. Readers must take this fact into consideration before continuing reading it. For readers previously exposed to this blog, it might be too late for them to be able to sanely consider whether or not they should consider prolonging their exposure.

Methodology: both readers and observers were wearing a blindfold in order to ensure the double-blind aspect of this study. Readers wearing their blindfold were then presented with this blog and forced into reading at least one whole article. Observers were also wearing a blindfold and made sure readers completed the task presented to them. The placebo blog used was any other kind of so-called literature.

Conclusion: It is rumored that the conclusion to this study may not be entirely trustworthy as most observers were inadvertently also exposed to this blog.

Summary: Exposure to this blog is extremely dangerous. The author is a living proof of this theory.

Testimonials from our readers:
Robert Xhatan, M.D. from Des Moines, IA: I was a neurosurgeon. After reading this blog, I couldn't find my way back to the hospital where I worked. I am now homeless.
John Doe from Washington, DC: I was a rocket scientist before reading this blog. I am now lost in I dunnoware.
Bob Morane, Indochina: I was seeking the yellow shadow when I stumbled across this blog. I ended up being lost in the infernal valley.
Bill Balantine, Indochina: I second what Bob M. just said.
Civa, Indochina: Where the frack is my necklace?
Maharadjah, Indochina: I have nothing to say.

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